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The main objective of Studio Naty Hair Salon is to create something new, to enter the mind of the person in front of us, to listen to what he or she wants to do with their hair and begin creating a song of beauty

Our faith is based on the ambition of young hairdressers. Their creations have no limits. All our employees regularly attend different seminars; therefore we can always offer a new service for a more pleasant feeling of comfort,relaxation and beauty.

Our mission is to focus on professional development, customer and employee satisfaction.


Natasa Begovic Tonut


Natasha is a hairdresser and the owner of Studio Naty Hair Salon. She invests all her resources, knowledge and time into hairdressing.

Erica Anastasià


Erica is energetic but shy girl. She started working in Studio Naty Hair Salonas an apprentice in 2011.

Michaela Davidovà


Michaela comes from the Czech Republic, where she completed hairdressing school.



We can offer you a variety of treatments.

We are trying/try to make you feel at home through a unique relaxing experience,accompanied by relaxing music. We are creating/create new trends, and always try to surprise our customers but still take their wishes under consideration. With our advice we shape your hair into "art".

Services that we offer are very different. The range of services is constantly progressing. Professional seminars (where we get to learn about new techniques of cutting, coloring and creating new hairstyles) play an important role in our work. We use newly acquired knowledge combined with our passion and desire to make the customers feel in the center of our attention.

We use Goldwell products. They are the result of innovative technologies and careful studies for the treatment of hair. Products enable us to get amazing results in a short period of time.


Treatments & advice

Treatments and advice

In Studio Naty Hair Salon we offer you treatments for hair by using INNER products. They represent a new evolution of nano technology enabling us to regenerate hair. With combination of INNER products we can regenerate your hair and scalp. The only things you need are four products, and 15 minutes of your valuable time.

Technical Work

Technical Work

By using Goldwell colors we are able to satisfy all hair types, from classic to the most wonderful natural colors and wonderful perm.

Cutting & Hairstyles

Cutting and Hairstyles

We offer precision cuts, free fall of the hair and less problematic management at home. With the hairstyles created with styling GOLDWELL, we give your hair a long-lasting in the crease or hairstyle.



After years of experience, we offer make-up for every occasion with packages wedding, confirmation, carnival, and on any other occasion you want to.



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Past Events

11.03.2012 - Hairstyles for fashion show in Monfalcone

31.07.2012 - Haircuts and hairstyles in Sistiana (Castelreggio)

23.08.2012 - Cutting and makeup for Mr Italy (El Contado Ronchi dei Legionari)

01.09.2012 - Collaboration with Capelli & Capelli in creation of hairstyles and makeup for fashion parade and photoshoot

13.09.2012 - Photo-shooting with Riccardo Martinuzzi

11.10.2012 - Departour to London, for Goldwell Fashinature 2012

05.07.2013 - Natasa Tonut Winner Italy Selection in Goldwell Color Zoom Challenge 2013

01.10.2013 - Departour to Los Angeles, for Goldwell Contest 2013

Future Events

In progress

Video Gallery

Gallery of our works

In this section you find the photos of our works, events and photo-shooting.